Running of the Humans

Get a modern browser dude...

I'd never written a game, so thought I would try something simple just to start to understand how it is done. It just so happened that the Running of the Bulls was on in Spain the following week, so there you have the theme. If you don't know what the running of the bulls is, it's a stupid event where people harass bulls, and then kill them once they are over, for entertainment.

The game is HTML5/Javascript using the CreateJS framework. I made everything including playing guitar for the background music, with the following exceptions from free libraries 1) the image of the bull which I heavily modified 2) the "ole" and "zip" sounds for the players. Code is here on my github page if you want to have a look

Hope you enjoy it, my best time is around 12 seconds. The trick is to slowly but constantly speed up from the start and not miss any runners.