Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. We fell them down and turn them into paper that we may record our emptiness

Kahil Gibran

Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he's been given. But up to now he hasn't been a creator, only a destroyer. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life's become extinct, the climate's ruined and the land grows poorer and uglier every day

Anton Chekhov

That mammals larger than dinosaurs and roamers of the seas for millions of years were threatened with extinction by something as transitory as the sunk costs for a whaling fleet says much about human economics, consumption and technological power

Peter J. Stoett, The International Politics of Whaling

The earth does not argue, Is not pathetic, has no arrangements, Does not scream, haste, persuade, threaten, promise, Makes no discriminations, has no conceivable failures, Closes nothing, refuses nothing, shuts none out

Walt Whitman

As cruel a weapon as the cave man's club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life

Rachel Carson

He that plants a tree, loves others besides himself

English Proverb

...used declassified Soviet Ministry of Fishing reports to find that one Soviet factory ship had told the International Whaling Commission during the 1960s that it [sic] had killed 152 humpback and 156 blue whales. In fact the ship had taken 7,207 humpbacks and 1,433 blue whales and illegally killed 717 right whales, a species protected by the whaling commission since the 1930s

Associated Press Article

..in the early 1930s, most people living in cities got around on electric streetcars. Concerned that this wasn't the kind of environment in which they could sell a lot of buses, General Motors, using a series of front companies, began buying streetcar systems, tearing out the tracks and then selling the new, polluting bus systems back to the cities - usually with contracts that prohibited purchase of "any new equipment using fuel or means of propulsion other than gas."...GM was soon joined by Greyhound, Firestone Tire and Rubber, Standard Oil of California (also called Chevrom) and Mack Trucks. In 1949 - after these companies had destroyed more than 100 streetcar systems in more than 45 cities...GM, Chevron and Firestone were convicted of a criminal conspiracy...They were fined $5000 each and the executives who organised the scheme were fined $1 each

Mark Zepezauer and Arthur Naiman, Take the Rich Off Welfare

The big corporations, our clients, are scared shitless of the environmental movement.....They sense that there's a majority out there and that the emotions are all on the other side-if they can be heard. They think the politicians are going to yield up to the emotions. I think the corporations are wrong about that. I think the companies will have to give in only at insignificant levels. Because the companies are too strong, they're the establishment. The environmentalists are going to have to be like the mob in the square in Romania before they prevail

Frank Mankiewic (Senior executive at transnational firm, Hill and Knowlton)

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell

Edward Abbey