Animal Liberation


Why you should care about the non human animals of our world.

Animals are individuals, not objects. In peoples day to day consumption of them I think they forget this. How many animals would you save if you stopped eating them today? How many will be killed if you continue consuming them? Check this tool I wrote out to find out.

Are those working for compassion towards animals reducing compassion for humans or strengthening it? Here I make the case that compassion ultimately knows no line of species, and that we should teach compassion for all beings.

This is the section all about cooking great vegan food. Recipes and more.

I've developed a fun game called Vegan Bingo, you can play it on the web or download it as an Android application. Have fun!

A game with an animals theme. It was inspired by the fact that the Running of the Bulls is happening in Spain next week, Spain is a great country, but they have some of the worlds stupidest sports involving cruelty to animals.

This is my tale of how I stopped eating the animals that in my heart I had always loved.

A quick intro to get you thinking about how you can remove animal products from some of your regular dishes

This was my unsuccessful entry to a project called "Letters to a New Vegan". I was hoping to capture something different to what I imagined others would write.

One of my hobbies is eating out, and I think I've been to all of London's best rated establishments which are either vegan, or vegetarian with vegan options. Here is my rundown of the best.